It's all green from here.

Ever felt overwhelmed by all the sustainable products on the market? Us too. That's why we took the time to test them ourselves (so that you don't have to)! We've found the best products for water and energy conservation, urban farming, LED lighting, and more.


From our trusted partner brands delivered right to your front door.

All of the shopping, none of the guilt. 



Altered Nozzle

Altered nozzles come in all shapes and sizes, but they aren't all made equal. At Altered Company, every nozzle provides low effort - high impact water conservation solutions. Your same tap, just with 98% less water wasted.

Whether you are looking to lower your water consumption at home, or at your place of business, Altered is the solution for you.

In Their Own Words

Altered develops super simple retrofit solutions, so anyone can upgrade their existing product in less than a minute. Extending product life. Reshaping the flow of water. Enabling savings without changing behavior. And not least – possible to install in the majority of the +9 billion taps and showers already on market today.

20% of household water use is through taps and 20% is through showers. In hotels 30% of water use is in hotel rooms. Each office employee use 6000 liters of water in bathroom taps every year. By creating super simple solutions, that anyone can install, we can reach as many people as possible as fast as possible. According to WWF, installing 1 billion units of Altered products would save 18 Billion liters of water and 150 million tons of CO2 per year. Together we can make a difference.



Click and Grow

Click and Grow allows to you grow fresh herbs from the countertop of your kitchen. Saving money, resources and time. Skip the wasteful plastic- packaged herbs that only last a few days before going bad and grow your own stress free! 

Once your garden is planted, you can simply trim from the herbs you want to use and leave the remaining to continue to grow. Use as you go, save as you grow! 

In Their Own Words

The Click & Grow indoor garden works just like a capsule coffee machine, but for plants. Instead of coffee pods, we offer biodegradable plant pods that have seeds and nutrients inside so you could enjoy homegrown food all year.


With Click & Grow indoor gardens you'll get:

  • Perfectly calibrated automated watering, light and nutrients

  • Homegrown, organic, pesticide free fresh food and flowers

  • A complimentary set of 3x basil plant pods

  • An app to make you a true plant expert

  • More than 50 + different plant varieties to choose from or just use your own seeds!


Lettuce Grow

Want a luscious garden without all the time, effort, trial and error? Look no further. Due to its unique vertical structure, Lettuce Grow can be placed just about anywhere, as long as there's plenty of sun.

Grow lettuce, fruit, vegetables, and anything else your heart desires. The only problem you might have is eating all of the delicious food you'll grow!

In Their Own Words

We are uncompromising in our mission to find solutions to the problems created by industrialized big agriculture.

In our efforts to democratize the growing of food for all, we are not only providing families access to clean, unprocessed food, we are also decreasing transportation emissions, drastically reducing water usage, and recycling ocean-bound plastics from places that lack recycling initiatives.

Choose Your Farmstand: The self-watering, self-fertilizing hydroponic Farmstand is available in 5 sizes

Select Your Seedlings: Make your selection from 200+ greens, veggies, fruits, and herbs

Watch Them Grow: We'll show you how to care for your seedlings in 5 minutes a week

Dinner is Served: In as little as 3 weeks, your produce is ready to harvest for fresh, healthy meals



Lumens Light & Living

In our search for the best LED lighting company we found Lumens Light & Living. They offer a wide variety of solutions for all your lighting needs.


LL&L curates more than 30,000 designs from 350+ global brands - which means you get access to unique & stylish pieces at competitive prices. Aesthetically pleasing and energy conscious? Sign us up.

In Their Own Words

Lumens Light + Living is dedicated to offering the very best of design-oriented lighting, fans, home accessories and furnishings. We carry a wide variety of lighting and design products - from contemporary international designs to modern interpretations of the classics. Our selection includes both European and American designs including popular international contemporary lines. We make a special effort to showcase the work of studio glass makers, artisan lamp-makers and small design studios that you won’t find anywhere else.


SunPower Solar

With all of the solar brands available on the market you might be asking yourself, why SunPower? The answer is durability, efficiency, and design. 

Their solid copper foundation, back-facing conductors, and anti-reflective coating are all unique factors that make SunPower a leader in the solar industry. 

In Their Own Words

Designed by SunPower in California, Maxeon® solar cell technology makes more energy from every drop of sunshine. Factor in our elegant styling and impressive durability, and it’s no wonder we outshine the rest.

Conventional solar cells lose power over time because of corrosion and breakage. But the unique design of SunPower solar cells eliminates 85% of the reasons conventional cells fail. So you’ll enjoy outstanding performance and savings with your commercial or home solar system for decades to come.



The FoodCycler

So you're interested in composting - minus the smell, and the pests, and just about everything else that comes along with composting. We've got the solution for you!

The FoodCycler turns everyday food waste into nutrient-dense fertilizer for your garden or house plants. It's affordable, odorless, easy-to-use and eco-friendly. What more could you need?!

In Their Own Words

Our compact food recycler fits your life (and your living space). All you need is one cubic foot of space and a power outlet to get started—it’s that easy. The carbon filter lid eliminates odors, so you can keep the removable waste bucket under your sink or on your countertop and conveniently fill it with food scraps after every meal. 

Fruit cores, vegetable peels, dairy, chicken bones, and more—the FoodCycler transforms food scraps into fertilizer and reduces your family’s food waste. From morning to night, Vitamix FoodCycler make it easy to take care of yourself (and the planet).

Simply toss your food scraps into the bucket, press the button, and relax. The FoodCycler breaks down food waste into a tenth of its original volume and creates a nutrient-rich fertilizer you can add to your soil.